Literature, as it has stood, is essentially an exquisite abstraction of the self, the imagination, the beauty that surrounds, and the nature that astounds, with a crafty coalition of the subtlety of words and the gumption of wit. Rostra attempts to unite this universality of literature with the power of speech to usher in an epoch of the dauntless expression of the mind.

Rostra'14 is a two day literary pandemonium to recognize the obdurate debater, the double-quick thinker, and the crowd wooer in you. If connecting the lit-enthusiasts at Rostra wasn't enough, it provides the only platform where 'parallels meet'! It's the way to take pride in us, because we operate at the interface between imagination and reality.

Spell Bee
Formal, English    ( Max points: 100 )
Grandmaster: "Your word is "PATISSERIE."
Contestant: "May I know the meaning , sir?"
Grandmaster: "Fancy pastries or a shop selling these."
Contestant : "May I know the part of speech , sir?"
Grandmaster: "It's a noun."
Contestant: "May I know the origin of the word, please?"
Grandmaster: " Origin of the word pâtisserie is from the middle French pastiserie. No more descriptions for you." After 15 seconds….
Contestant: "pateeserie"
Pronounced as pa`-tee-se`-ree , words aren't just spelt the way they sound. Idiocies are expected, but the crowd there applauds your efforts. "Spell Bee" will challenge your take on the different words. Be primed to spell thrice in your head before concluding to the arbitrator. "Get your language to its peak, because the accolades will be in extremes".
Concentric Circles
InFormal, English
A fun activity and energizer where participants sit in a fishbowl manner (i.e.; in concentric circles facing each other). Participants in outer circle will be given a set of questions and participants in the inner circle will be given a set of answers. The activity begins with the start of music. Members of the inner circle will move clockwise and outer circle will move in anti-clockwise direction. When the music stops, delegates facing each other will match the questions and answers and cross of the questions and answers that match. The activity will go on till a stipulated time at the end of which the one with either the maximum number of questions or answers crossed will be declared as the winner! Be a part and enjoy as the questions and answers make the right partners
Formal, English    ( Max points: 150 )
Sometimes simplest of the things may have a meaning that is kept away from the normal eye." Go subterranean; capitalize the power of Lord Buddha's subconscious mind. In every visual, in every scene, there is a hidden part, not noticed by the naked eye but captured rationally in the dynamism of your right brain. Beat a dead horse and siphon the deciphered script to your cohort. Trust them to speak it to the assemblage and the ombudsman. Your esprit de` corps is what that counts!
Panchayati Raj
Formal, Hindi    ( Max points: 150 )
प्रेमचंद ने पॅंच को परमेश्वर की संज्ञा देकर भारतीय ग्रामीण समाज में सदियों से चले आ रहे पंचायती राज की महत्ता को दर्शाया था | क्या होगा जब यह पंचायत एक अत्याधुनिक प्रौद्योगिकी संस्थान में आ जाए ? जब पीड़ित ग्रामवासी आप खुद हों; आपके समक्ष आपके प्रतिद्वंदी बैठे हों तथा संपूर्ण ग्रामीण परिवेश में ढले हुए पॅंच आपके उलझे हुए मुद्दों को सुलझाएँ? उत्तर है हास्य,आनंद, विचारों का आदान-प्रदान तथा बुद्धि का विकास |

Perhaps you will never experience the stupefying mayhem committed by your fellow lavish mates in order to present a rustic-self; yet the bucolic ambience superbly blended with rural fervor is sure to exhilarate you.

ग्रामीण स्वशासन के जादू को करीब से महसूस करें; पंचायती राज में अवश्य पधारें|
Shabd Dwand
Formal, Hindi, Online Submission
"Poetry is the opening and closing of a door, leaving those who look through to guess about what is seen during the moment." - Carl Sandburg

The definition of poetry and a poet is diverse! It is the voice of the emotions, toasted with the play of words which makes a piece of poem alive. The flavor in a poem added by the help of words, either twisted or simpler. Awaken the poet in you and let the emotions flow, making use of the mentioned collection of words.

तैश, कहकशाँ, तवील, फ़ितरत, बस्तियाँ, फ़िक्र, ज़िक्र, हलचल, पाथेय, आत्मकथ्य, हमउम्र, सैलाब, फितरत, बाज़ार, पगडण्डी, ख्वाहिश, खुशनुमा, बैसाखी, शग़ल, इल्म
Quick Flicks
Formal, English    ( Max points: 50 )
If you love films and think you can sum up your take on great movies in one short, sharp and sardonic burst then put your skills to test by entering our "Quick Flicks" short film review competition. Short films of English, Hindi and Telugu will be shown and the participants will write their own review on any film of their choice. An excellent chance to view several well-made and thought provoking movies along with friends as the movies will be continuously displayed over the course of the literary festival. Take your chance to be the next big movie critic.
Be The Next shakespeare
Formal, English, Online Submission
( National Level Writing Competition )
A leap to a different world of your ideas and creativity, an escape from the expected and ordinary," this is exactly how every writer tries to achieve greater and newer heights of expression. Dive deeper into your thoughts, outside the boundaries of your imaginativeness and let it rule this event. So, gear up for the online submission event that will surely polish your talent.
Formal, English    ( Max points: 100 )

A one day event with a single participant from each team, Newsroom attempts to bring the journalist in you to the surface. The event challenges your wit, preparedness, responsiveness and adaptability. A running television feed of the NEWS to be read out will be presented to the speaker, called the Anchor, who will read out that NEWS. In the course of it, at any time, a twist will be introduced. This could be a breaking news, feed disturbance, incorrect information or grammar on the screen. The Anchor must adapt himself/herself to the situation and emerge as a proper journalist.

InFormal, English
Anchors,celebrity speakers and talkshow hosts have always inspired us with their fluency, expressiveness and the ease with which their words flow. We all wish to have that element of grace, elegance and style like in Karan Johar (Koffee with Karan), Mandira Bedi or Rajat Sharma (Aap ki Adalat).Your style is all that matters and remember ,impressing us is a difficult task.
Mythical Extempore
Formal, English    ( Max points: 50 )
Remember those winter nights spent sitting around a roaring fire, with grandma telling you stories and fables carried down the generations. Stories about how fruits got their colour, how men and women came to Earth and many more that got your full attention. Those stories had a life of their own, which defined your childhood. Weave your own tale based on those myths and relive those magical moments.
Rewrite The History
Formal, English, Online Submission
Your dreams of changing the events of history and rewriting it shall lay dormant no longer. ROSTRA brings to you the online contest if you dare to rewrite the world history and impress upon us the glory of the changed times.
History is yours to conquer, so prepare to change the fate of nations and great leaders your own way. Want Gandhi to be aggressive? Ever wondered what would be the course of history if Nehru was to be a German leader in WW II! Go forth to explore the history and make it yours!

• Hitler in place of Abraham Lincoln as president of America.
• Prithviraj Chauhan won second Battle of Tarain.
• No protestant reformation.
• Sardar Vallabhbhai patel was the first P.M of India.
• Alexander the great crossed the Ganges to fight the Nanda Dynasty.
• Storming of Bastille had not occurred during the French Revolution.
• The French had favoured support the English in the American Revolution against Britain.
Vaad Vivaad
Formal, Hindi    ( Max points: 50 )
"क्या सज़ा-ए-मौत देने से बलात्कार की घटनाओं मे कमी आएगी?... या फिर समाज मे जागरूकता फैलाने की है आवश्यकता?" आमने-सामने का है टकरार जब बैठेगा पक्ष और विपक्ष , जब होगा शब्दों से आक्रमण, जब टकराएँगे द्वन्द्वपूर्ण विचार एक ऐसे प्रतिस्पर्धात्मक वातावरण में जहाँ तर्क-वितर्क की नई परिभाषा लिखी जाएगी... एक ऐसा अद्वितीय वाद-विवाद जो आपको विस्मित और अवाक कर देगा...

In a space with a boisterous atmosphere, fiery red eyes and a perplexed audience, the volley of scorching questions and heated arguments will assuredly increase the blood flow in your veins. A battle of words amongst individuals with radical views and complimentary wits, "Be Hyper or a Hypocrite, Stick to Your Guns!"
( max points: 100 )
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